The top 10 posts from Raymond Parker Photography in 2016

What with the big move this year, my blogging output has been sporadic, with the summer months pretty much a write off, if you’ll excuse the pun. Nonetheless there were some hits. In ascending order, with most popular first, here are the picks judged by combination of social media response and total views.

#1. Documenting the last days of Victoria’s old Johnson Street Bridge

The Blue Bridge, Victoria, 2014 (14-minute exposure)

#2. The Rocky Mountain Poems

Athabaska Hotel, Jasper

#3 Totem poles of British Columbia

‘Ksan, B.C., 2012

#4 Getting to Know the Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera

#5 A Eulogy for Bryan Beard

White Rock, 1980

#6 A conserved corner store at Heather & 16th., Vancouver, BC

Heather & 16th, Vancouver, 1983

#7 Through the glass darkly: more thoughts on the “Eighties Vancouver” portfolio

Surrealist Burrard Bridge

Escher’s Arch

#8 Printing, matting and framing photographic prints to archival standards

 #9 Covering Bugaboo Spire: the shot that tied my fate to the photography trade

Frank Wieler, below the Great Gendarme, Bugaboo Spire, 1980

#10 How to make your own picture frames

If I were a carpenter

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