A conserved corner store at Heather & 16th, Vancouver, BC

Heather & 16th, Vancouver, 1983

Heather & 16th, Vancouver, 1983

Though Vancouver continues to be convulsed by rampant, often poorly considered development, as it has been since I made photographs like the one above, a few pockets of what drew me to the city nearly forty-years-ago remain.

Such is the corner documented above, in 1983. A look via Google Streetview, often used to check my memories against contemporary reality, reveals that the dilapidated building that housed the equally decrepit Epicure Granger Grocery has benefitted from a transformative restoration. Ironically, the building is now home to the Tandem Bike Café and Heather Street is now a designated bike route — an initiative that Vancouver planners can be praised for.

All four corners of the intersection remain as I remember, with buildings in tact and well-maintained. Though I lived hand to mouth, sharing accommodations with a gang of fellow adventurers and artists, I have great memories associated with the short period I called this part of Vancouver’s South Cambie neighbourhood my home.

Got a million or two burning a hole in your pocket? You could take up residence in this little corner of paradise.

Technical details: Camera: Mamiyaflex C; Film: Ilford Pan F @40ASA, Developed in Peceptol 1:1, 18 min.

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