Improved sound for my new office provided by the Lepy LP-2020A T-amp

During the renovation and development of my new workspace, it occurred to me to improve the sound from my computer, a late 2012 iMac.

Not only did I want better sound when editing video (like the one accompanying this post) but also to enhance music I often enjoy while doing other work, like processing photos and writing.

When I ran the sound system wiring in the upstairs “living quarters,” I neglected to run an extra line down to the office …. I also forgot to install conduit for the living room surround speakers while the floors were torn up, but that’s another story.

Anyway, other than buying an expensive digital wireless system (no, I don’t use the Cloud either), controlling office music from the upstairs system would be a pain. Why not use the music library on my main office computer?

I’ve had a pair of very nice Klipsh Synergy B-1 bookshelf speakers in storage for several years slated for use in the office via the aforementioned method. Couldn’t I hook them up to the computer? A bit of research told me I could … as long as I powered them with a pre-amp.

More Googling led me to the Lepy LP-2020A, a Chinese-made class-T amplifier with positive reviews. I tried in vain to buy it, or an equivalent, locally — I like to support local business.

In the end, I ordered the Lepy amp (2015 “updated” version) via Amazon, for CA $28.88, shipping included! Hard to resist a bargain like that.

In the interim, I built corner shelves and wired the Klipsh speakers ready for use, trusting that the glowing reviews of the Lepy amp would prove true. It arrived this Monday, 10 days after I ordered it.

I’ve covered the simple installation and sound-test in the embedded video. As illustrated, the resulting sound, though it wouldn’t pass muster with audiophiles, is more than adequate for the planned use.

Other users have paired the amp with inexpensive/used bookshelf speakers to create similar budget solutions. So far, my only concern is annoying my neighbours.

No risk of that for a couple of weeks though. I’m off to England.

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