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The natural landscape: land, sea, and air


Mega megapixel challenge: Nikon D800 versus Fujifilm X-Pro2

Using the Brenizer Method to stitch a high resolution bokeh panoramaView full post »


Photography in the here and now

Photography not only reflects the past in a compelling way; it focuses us squarely in the presentView full post »


The Rocky Mountain Poems

Pictures and poems from the Canadian Rockies: a tributeView full post »


The dreams that you dare to dream: winter photography

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there’s a wonderful photograph waiting for youView full post »


Freezing in Jericho: a wintry photo of Vancouver’s historic hostel

A cold, hungry winter photographing Vancouver’s frozen treasuresView full post »


“Glamping” and ranting on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island

A luxury photographic retreat to a timeless landscape in transitionView full post »


Photographing the wondrous and the weird on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

A three-day cross-border circumnavigation of Washington State beaches, mountains and townsView full post »

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